6-10 JUNE 2016. 10am – 4pm

“The first object the juggler needs to understand deeply is the body. If we develop our understanding of how the body works and how it ‘wants to move’ then we can find a more harmonious relationship to the objects that live outside us. As every body is different, this approach helps us to find our very own way of doing things.”

In this workshop we will move, explore, create and perform inside a dynamic relationship between the body, the objects and the space around us. We will develop sensitivity and clarity in following the impulses that the objects give us, whilst also learning to listen to what our bodies want to do. We will learn about using our weight, following what is leading and how to create sequences using these principles. The mornings will be 3 hours of very physical work followed by creation and performance in the afternoons. We will also explore simple physical techniques for creating subtle characters that are true to the technique of the body and the objects. The goal of the workshop is for each participant to leave with new material that he/she can work with and develop further. All levels of experience are welcome.

Places: 15
Price – Early bird: 200€ On the door: 250€

For registration, contact oli@katapultberlin.com